Train Instructors to assess more consistently, fairly, and with more depth.

How do institutions keep their qualitative assessments consistent, unbiased, and meaningful across multiple instructors, sections, classes and even across sites?

We believe that in order to teach complex skills effectively, you have to train the instructor on how to assess these skills.

Converge is our digital platform that enables inter-rater reliability through a process that allows any diverse group to become more consistent with how they score or give feedback. Our system identifies how much divergence a group of people have evaluating the same piece of work with the same rubric, and gives scorers the tools to discuss and reconcile those differences, so that they can all score with fairness, consistency, and justification.

Converge also helps with anti-bias and diversity efforts.

Teachers themselves come from diverse training backgrounds and experiences. Difficult to assess skills like “critical thinking” need to be externalized and made specific if it can be fairly taught and assessed across multiple teachers and students. We believe that fair and consistent scoring of difficult to assess skills is a critical step in creating an equitable environment in the classroom and helping all students from various backgrounds.

Currently, Finetune is partnering with Gradient Learning to solve a problem for Summit Learning: delivering scalable professional-learning and inter-rater reliability against rubric-based evaluation to 4,000 teachers across 400 schools nationwide.


Powerful Rubric Builder

Rigorous, flexible and easy to use.

Norming Workflows

Streamline best practices taken from leading experts.

Easy Uploads

Upload assignments and student work samples.

Initiate Live Sessions

Invite participants and assign session owners.

Admin Dashboard

Set user roles and display the status of the norming sessions and calibration outputs.

User Friendly Scoring

With voting and accompanying rationales.

Intuitive Discussion

Highlighting and commenting plus live chat so experts can resolve differences in opinion.

Rich Output

Produce a fully normed work sample.

Data Analytics

Structure your research and training with powerful data insights.

Calibration Tool

Ensures consistent evaluation of qualitative assessments.

Norm Hundreds of Sessions

Create, administer and assign hundreds of sessions simultaneously.

Certify Instructors

Be confident that instructors have learned the norming and calibration process.