Create and administer frequent and effective secure assessments.

How do instructors know if their students are learning effectively before summative exams?

How do busy instructors pinpoint which students are struggling and in what area? And how do instructors see where to focus their efforts for the whole class?

Elevate is a digital assessment platform that helps instructors improve student performance in dozens of different subject areas. Instructors are able to quickly create formative exams, deliver them securely, and view reports to see what students need remediation and in what topics. It enables a fast, virtuous cycle of formative assessments and feedback so instructors can focus their efforts and help students be their best.

Currently Elevate is powering the College Board’s AP© Classroom, which enables 180,000 teachers and 3,500,000 students to engage deeper with their teaching and improve their performance for their high–stakes summative exam.


Question Creation

A question authoring system with over forty item types.

Question Bank

The ability to store a library of thousands of questions so instructors can focus on specific skills and topics.

Progress Dashboard

A reporting system that pinpoints where students need extra help.

Hybrid Scoring

Autoscoring for online assessments.

Flexible Workflows

An innovative workflow to administer and evaluate free response questions.

Exam Security

Protect against cheating through browser lockdown, scrambling question order, and live status reports to the instructor.

Professional Learning

A professional learning platform with videos, assessments, and a credentialing engine that allows instructors to earn certifications at their own pace.

Secure Platform

All on a secure platform using best-in-class integrations, practices, and data security measures.