Use Advanced Artificial Intelligence to increase productivity, creativity and significantly speed up content authoring up to 10 fold.

What is Generate?

Finetune Generate is a tool that your content and item developers can use to increase productivity, efficiency and even creativity.

Our patent pending approach applies advanced AI to empower authors to design, edit, and create items, passages and content in novel and unprecedented ways much more quickly and with little to no up front work.

Unlike Automated Item Generation (AIG) that use template based item models, Finetune Generate takes no upfront setup work or template building by the content developer. Instead, writers can access Generate’s advanced AI authoring engine to create novel items with a click of a button.

Why use Generate?

Improve test security — Test security is more important than ever. Having a bank full of novel items and content is critical for testing programs.

Create a formative assessment or test prep program — Generate can help your team efficiently increase the number and novelty of your items to seed your bank.

Lessen reliance on copyrighted material — Generate allows you to create original, net-new stimuli, passages, and content.

Reduce reliance on vendors – Generate empowers your in-house team to create at a much higher rate with the team you have.

Increase creativity  — Generate kicks off the creative process by producing novel, net-new content and items.

Reduce Subject Matter Experts, recruiting, training, and conflict of interest —  Get more out of the team you already have. Generate enables SMEs to focus their time towards more critical tasks like reviewing, iteratively editing, and validating.


Generate is being used by the world’s top assessment developers and publishers, and the results are remarkable.

  • 2.5x-10x faster item generation
  • Items generated did not diminish in quality

“One of the hardest things to do is come up with interesting ideas for items. Generate came up with good questions that we had not even thought of before.”

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Generate Research Paper

This paper describes Generate in technical detail including the Natural Language Generation (NLG) approach and language modeling architecture that Generate is built on. The graphical user interface (content dashboard) is also covered, as well as results with SMEs where productivity time savings are in the order of 10 fold.

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