Complex Assessments at Scale.

Leading the way in AI-Human hybrid solutions

The world of education has changed.


Frequent and effective secure assessments.

  • Question Creation. A question authoring system with over forty item types.
  • Exam Security. Protect against cheating through browser lockdown, scrambling question order, and live status reports to the instructor.
  • Progress Dashboard. A reporting system that pinpoints where students need extra help.


Enabling scalable inter–rater reliability.

  • Intuitive Discussions. Highlighting and commenting plus live chat so experts can resolve differences in opinion.
  • Norm Hundreds of Sessions. Create, administer and assign hundreds of sessions simultaneously.
  • Powerful Rubric Builder. Rigorous, flexible and easy to use.


Human scoring. Only better and faster.

  • Manual or Hybrid Scoring. Integrates with an AI scoring engine to enable hybrid scoring.
  • Fast & Accurate Scoring. Create fast, accurate, and reliable scoring.
  • Plug 'n Play. Integrate with your exisiting automated feedback or scoring solutions.

Trusted by the world's leading experts in education.

The College Board uses Finetune Elevate™ to serve more than 3,500,000 students and 180,000 teachers across 38 AP® Courses.

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative uses Finetune Converge™ to support 5,000 teachers using the Summit Learning Curriculum achieve inter-rater reliability across more than 400 schools.