Finetune Catalog™

Tag learning and assessment content accurately, deeply, and meaningfully.

How do you keep up with changing standards and make the best use of your existing content?

Finetune Catalog™ is an AI-powered content classification and alignment tool that tags learning and assessment content more accurately and meaningfully, and much faster than a human team.

Unlike other systems that rely on keywords and crosswalks, Catalog is powered by cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) that analyzes deep conceptual and contextual relations in content to classify it against a wide variety of standards and taxonomies.

How Finetune Catalog™ helps you

Tag Content

Tag learning content to updated standards or new standards — Catalog skips crosswalks entirely and analyzes the content directly to create significantly more accurate tags.

Adaptive Learning Systems

Create an adaptive and personalized learning system — Adaptive systems are excellent ways to provide remediation and track growth for students who need extra attention. More precise and accurate tagging is essential to enable such systems.

Align to Workforce Standards

Align learning content to the ever shifting landscape of workforce skills.

Quality Assurance

Quality assure tagging work — Catalog can be a check on internal teams whose time is better spent on content development, and external teams whose judgment and quality of tagging vary greatly.

Legacy Content

Make use of legacy content — Deploy your legacy content in new products. Catalog can help your organization tag the content quickly and efficiently so it is usable to your development teams.

Content Insights

Content insight and analytics — Catalog can create a picture of your inventory so you know what you have at your disposal when you bid, what gaps you need to fill, and what you are working with when ideating new products for the market.

Finetune Catalog™ Differentiators

Higher Accuracy

Catalog uses the direct phrase as truth for every tagging event; it does not rely on keywords or previous associations. This leads to significantly higher accuracy.

Fast and Responsive

Tagging projects can take time, especially if the tagging need arises because of an incoming opportunity. Catalog’s AI amplifies SME productivity and cuts down content tagging workload.

Direct Analysis of Original Text

No Crosswalk! The content is analyzed and tagged using the original context which creates more accurate tagging. Discard the superficial tagging of raw content and crosswalks and remove propagated and magnified errors!

Reduce Costs

Because it is primarily driven by AI analysis, the costs are significantly less, and it frees SMEs to be engaged in higher level work.

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