Join Finetune and our mission to transform education.

Join us if you want to work with a world class team, at a company that prides itself on its warm and collaborative culture, making a significant impact on one of the most important issues of our day – education.

Finetune is proud to offer unlimited paid time off, parental leave, a stipend for career development and an all remote policy.

Who We Are

Finetune is an education technology company that impacts millions of students.

Since our founding, Finetune has always been about combining our deep understanding of teaching and learning with leading-edge technology to improve education in meaningful ways.

We believe that the world has changed and that education must change with it. We are dedicated to giving students the education they deserve.

60 Team Members

A talented international team.

14 Different Countries

The best practice for Remote Working.

10 Different US States

World class agile development team.


We are a fully remote team. We deliberately seek members from across the world — and celebrate the diversity of cultures, experiences and perspectives they bring to it.


We believe in fostering an environment in which mutual respect is ever-present.

Active Listening

In the classroom, a good teacher listens to every voice. It is no different here, where every member of the team should be comfortable speaking up — and feel heard when they do.

Intellectual Curiosity

Tackling some of the most challenging issues in education requires innovation — at the heart of which is an inquisitive mindset, as motivated to understanding the problem as it is to finding the solution.

Communication and Collaboration

We may be remote, but we’re not distant. Clear, open, and frequent communication is our norm, as is a team-based approach to problem-solving, and the willingness to offer help whenever and wherever it’s needed.


We are in the business of helping people learn and grow, so it stands to reason that we encourage and support our team members’ own pursuit of growth, both professional and personal.

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