Finetune Attends 2021 ASU+GSV Summit

Finetune attended the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit. Dr. Saad Khan our Chief Research and Innovation Officer spoke at two events.

Is Truly Adaptive Learning Here at Last?

Adaptive learning technologies (including AI) could revolutionize the educational experience to tailor learning to each student’s needs. With the speed of growth, how can companies achieve scale while maintaining a definitive individualized learning model? Allowing for remediation as well as acceleration, adaptive learning might prove to be just the technology for students arriving back in the classroom after undergoing such a range in quality of remote and hybrid learning experiences.

Matthew Leavy (Wiley), Dan Wittich (Riiid), Ulrik Christensen (Area 9 Lyceum), Saad Khan (FineTune), and Bror Saxberg (Chan Zuckerberg Initiative).

The Academic Surveillance Debate

Michael Olsen (Proctorio), Saad Khan (FineTune), Ashley Norris (ProctorU), and Marni Baker Stein (Western Governors University).

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