Finetune’s Dr. Saad Khan Presenting Two Papers at Educational Data Mining Conference

Finetune is thrilled to announce that our Chief Research and Innovation Officer Saad M. Khan will present two new papers at the 2021 Educational Data Mining on Wednesday, June 30th.

A NLG System for Assessment Content Creation: Generate®

This paper describes Generate in technical detail including the Natural Language Generation (NLG) approach and language modeling architecture that Generate is built on. The graphical user interface (content dashboard) is also covered, as well as results with SMEs where productivity time savings are in the order of 10 fold.

An AI-Driven Content Tagging System: Catalog™

This paper covers the technical details of Catalog, our Natural Language Processing (NLP) based content classification system that uses advances in transfer learning approaches to deeply and accurately tag content without using keywords or crosswalks. The modeling architecture is covered as well as results from using Catalog to tag content to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).