Finetune’s Dr. Saad Khan to Speak at 2021 Artificial Intelligence in Education Conference

Please join Finetune’s Chief Research and Innovation Officer Saad M. Khan at the 22nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education on Friday, June 18th at 8:30am ET.

He will be speaking in the Research-Based Digital-First Assessments and the Future of Education panel, alongside other experts including Michelle Barrett from Edmentum, Jill Burstein from Duolingo, and Valerie Shute from Florida State University. The session will be moderated by Alina A. von Davier of Duolingo.

Panel Description

AI, learning engineering, computational Psychometrics and big data coupled with numerous technology breakthroughs propose a new paradigm for education. From adaptive learning systems to digital-first -testing with automated content generation and automatic scoring – the possibilities for efficiency, scalability and access are promising. The unprecedented disruption of COVID-19 leaves little doubt that advances in learning sciences and technology can augment the in-classroom educational experience.

Digital-first assessments, sometimes called intelligent assessments are a new generation of tests where the technological advances and AI affordances are used to (re)create comprehensive assessments that are adaptive, efficient, rigorous, valid, and, most distinctively, attuned to perfect the user’s experience. Digital-first assessments may be integrated into other systems (school systems, LMS, etc) being part of the new Internet of Education (IoE), where through integrative frameworks and standards one can optimize the support for each student while protecting their privacy. Stealth assessments through the use of process data from interactive tasks and multimodal data sources are moving from research labs into practice.

The panelists will share their research, provide evidence of how these new methodologies work, and engage the audience in a thought-provoking discussion on the impact of the new tests on education in general.

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