Finetune Revolutionizes Assessment Content Creation Speed, Quality, and Creativity with Finetune Generate®

Finetune, a global educational technology company, announces the release of Finetune Generate®, a groundbreaking AI product that was shown to increase subject matter experts’ (SME) authoring speed up to 10x while concurrently improving item quality and creativity.

Generate employs state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to recommend novel, creative and conceptually-accurate assessment passages, stems, and distractors. Importantly, Generate functions without templates therefore avoiding the cost, time, and psychometric disadvantages of automated item generation (AIG) tools. Users point out that Generate excels where other approaches are weakest, particularly around coming up with novel and creative ways to sample domains and developing highly effective ways of measuring higher-order thinking skills. Generate’s power is applicable to any content (K-12 to advanced technical specialties like medicine or law)  and to any program (education, certification and licensure, training, prep) for multiple purposes (formative to high stakes). 

Early adopters of Generate have reported impressive gains of 3x to 10x in productivity. In addition, blind comparisons between samples of existing and Generate-developed items have resulted in Generate items receiving higher quality ratings on average.

Generate was developed in Finetune’s AI Center of Excellence, led by Saad Khan, PhD, a computer scientist and globally recognized expert in the application of Machine Learning to education and assessment. Generate’s NLP algorithms develop high quality items at scale by mastering content domains based on a small, safe, and secure sample of existing items.

“Over the past six years Finetune has developed a deep partnership with The College Board in building the AP Classroom platform serving millions of students and their teachers. As we continue that work we are thrilled at the advances our AI Center has made. Based on our pilot partners’ feedback, they are too.”

Steve Shapiro. CEO Finetune Learning

Generate’s proof of effectiveness has been robustly established both theoretically (presentations at Association of Test Publishers 2021 national conference and at the 2021 Educator’s Data Mining conference) and in practice with current partners. Ongoing research is centered on optimizing the client experience and new insights will be shared over the coming months.

“Computer scientists know that the best AI tools are those that can be used in a hybrid human-AI fashion by domain professionals. This is the underlying philosophy we embedded in creating Generate. Our users have also been delighted at how Generate has expanded their thinking by creating fresh content and new items and distractors that they had never even thought of. I am delighted that Generate is creating opportunities for testing programs that were not possible only a few months ago.”

Saad Khan, PhD. Chief Research and Innovation Officer

Contact: Simmy Ziv-el, simmy[at]finetunelearning[dot]com

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